Frequently Asked Questions

SC Virtual School Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

South Carolina Calvert Academy is a tuition-free public virtual charter school. It operates under the authority of the South Carolina Public Charter School District and all tuition, materials and services are fully funded. There is NO cost to families.

Do I need internet access at my home?

Yes, South Carolina Calvert Academy offers a blend of traditional and online instruction.

Will a computer system be provided?

SCCAL does not provide computers. Click here for computer system requirements.

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How will Individualized Education Plans be coordinated?

Your child will continue to receive any required support services.

If I drop out, do I have to return the books and materials or can I buy them?

As South Carolina Calvert Academy is a publicly funded SC virtual school program, if you withdraw you must return all books and materials. If you wish to continue with the Calvert program on your own, you may re-enroll in one of Calvert’s other programs.

If my child is accepted to the Academy this year will he/she be allowed to re-enroll next year or will she be subject to the lottery again?

Once a child has been accepted to South Carolina Academy they may re-enroll each year provided they have met academic requirements.

What type of testing will be used for entry into the SCCAL?

There is no test required for entry.

If a child is currently gifted and talented will there be an advanced program for them?

Students who can handle the challenge may place at an advanced level. Enrichment and accelerated pacing may also be implemented.

How much time will be required online, per day, per week?

The Calvert program is a blended program. Students may access the lessons and complete some activities online. The amount of time online will vary depending on the student and the lesson for that day. Other activities, such as reading texts, novels, completing worksheets, labs, and some projects will be done off-line. Auto-graded daily checkpoint assessments will be completed online to show that the student completed and understood the main ideas for each lesson. Each student will have at least two 45-60 minute live sessions each week (one in math and one in language arts).

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