Eighth Grade

Girl using laptopWhat Your Child Will Learn in Eighth Grade


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Building reading comprehension through poetry reading, speeches, sonnets, plays, and award-winning novels; reading a mix of classic, contemporary, and multicultural literature

Spelling & Vocabulary

Completing spelling and vocabulary lessons drawn from other subject areas


Writing in various styles — descriptive, narrative, persuasive, and explanatory; building research skills; taking notes; outlining; proofreading; editing; writing letters


Reviewing geographic themes in the historical context of the United States; chronological evaluation of the spatial growth of the United States between 1500 and the present includes land acquisitions, wars, economic expansion, immigration, and settlement patterns; historical demographic patterns, climatic issues, and landform constraints as the United States developed into a leader of the 21st century.


Reviewing and using parts of speech; diagramming noun, adverb, and adjective clauses; studying gerunds, infinitives, and participles; grammar and usage; building paragraphs and varied sentences


Understanding and using exponents and their properties; using systems of equations to solve real-world problems; identifying relations and functions; solving problems involving proportional reasoning and similar figures


Learning about energy; Earth science; astronomy; sound and light; the environment


Lessons, activities, and online interactive learning tools integrated with curriculum: continuing application of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software; basics of HTML; desktop publishing. Internet activities integrated with Grammar and Science text.


Understanding elements of poetry; narrative poetry; imagery; blank verse; reading, interpreting, and memorizing selections


Studying U.S. history from discovery to modern America; building the nation; U.S. role in world events; charts, maps, and illustrations

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