Fourth Grade

South Carolina Calvert Academy Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Course Materials

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The Fourth Grade Calvert experience is exciting as students compose original compositions. The reading curriculum relies on classic children’s literature and poetry, with lessons designed to increase comprehension, appreciation, and analysis.

In math, your child will advance his or her understanding of multiplication, division, and fractions and increase their understanding of statistics and data. They continue to apply mathematical processes and logical reasoning when solving problems.

The science program covers life science and physical science units such as electricity and magnetism. In integrated technology lessons, students learn to use spreadsheets and create tables, charts, and graphs, skills that will be applied in the general curriculum.

Fourth Graders begin to study American history which continues into Fifth Grade. A Child’s History of the World, the classic book written by Virgil Hillyer, Calvert School’s first Head Master, has been a Calvert hallmark and is offered as an enrichment course for interested students.

Course Materials

  • Lesson Manual
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • Famous Legends
  • Mighty Men
  • Critical Thinking: Level D
  • Phonics: Level D
  • Everyday Spelling
  • Calvert Mastery Series: Spelling 4 (online)
  • Vocabulary Connections: Level D
  • Grammar & Usage
  • Math Lesson Manual
  • Math in Focus Textbook A & B
  • Math in Focus Workbook A & B
  • Science: A Closer Look
  • Poetry Selections
  • Build Our Nation
  • Hammond Maps
  • Activity Pages
  • Answer Keys for Daily Work (online)
  • Supplies, including watercolors and colored pencils

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