South Carolina Calvert Academy Kindergarten Virtual School

Kindergarten Course Materials

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Calvert’s full-day Kindergarten course offers hands-on, interactive learning to prepare your child for First Grade.

Help your child refine his or her reading skills with our phonics-based approach and our colorful, read-aloud books. Our curriculum’s emphasis is on short vowel and consonant sounds, sequencing, auditory and visual discrimination, classifying, and rhyming. We integrate our reading materials with science and social studies, allowing for seamless interdisciplinary education.

Math studies introduce students to numbers 1 to 99, as well as shapes, problem solving, and ordering numbers.

Your child also will start technology lessons to learn basic computer skills such as word processing and graphics applications, and the curriculum will begin to include age-appropriate topics in science, poetry, and art. Discussions about community, transportation, and significant people and events help bring learning to life. Students also will begin to learn formal printing skills.

Course Materials

  • Lesson Manual
  • Teacher Aids
  • Letters & Words
  • 19 Early Phonics Storybooks
  • The Music Break CDs (2)
  • Calvert Math Lesson Manual
  • Calvert Math
  • Calvert Math Practice and Enrichment Workbook
  • Science Activity Pages
  • Poems & Prose
  • 30 Read-Aloud Books
  • Word and Picture Book
  • Phonics Library
  • Practice Book, Volumes 1–2
  • Supplies, including modeling clay, drawing paper, pencils, yarn, watercolors, scissors, pipe cleaners, crayons, magnetic tape, and connecting cubes

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