Seventh Grade

Boy reading a bookWhat Your Child Will Learn in Seventh Grade

Preview the lesson manuals, tests, and activity pages:


Reading literary classics; understanding literary devices

Spelling & Vocabulary

Reinforcing correct spelling through daily exercises and spelling strategies; reviewing commonly misspelled words; introducing cross-curricular words; integrating spelling with phonics, vocabulary studies, reading, and writing; enhancing vocabulary study


Mastering narrative and descriptive writing; writing letters, poetry, and book reports; developing research reports; interviewing; paragraphing


Working on sentence and paragraph structure; mechanics; parts of speech; diagramming simple, compound, and complex sentences; grammar and usage


Converting between fractions and decimals; understanding rational and irrational numbers; simplifying algebraic equations; translating verbal descriptions to algebraic expressions; using stem-and-leaf and box-and-whisker plots to describe data distribution; understanding the difference between theoretical and experimental probability


Learning about chemistry; human biology; heredity; Earth science


Lessons, activities, and online interactive learning tools integrated with curriculum: networks; word processing software; validity and sourcing of Web searches; hyperlinks; desktop publishing; databases. Internet activities integrated with Grammar and Science texts.


Reading silently and orally; memorizing, interpreting, and discussing elements of poetry


Comprehensive survey of world history after the Fall of the Roman Empire; critical analysis of political, economic, and social changes from ancient times to the American Revolution


Reviewing themes and map skills; North and South America; Europe; Russia; focusing on climate, landforms, vegetation, minerals, demographics, and economy; global issues

Art History

Surveying architecture from ancient to modern times using Hillyer and Huey’s A Child’s History of Art: Architecture


Applying concepts from Art History, including creating trilithons and step pyramids and designing various buildings; drawing techniques

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