Third Grade

South Carolina Calvert Academy Third Grade

Third Grade Course Materials

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Smiling Hill Farm, a classic but rare children’s book that is reprinted exclusively for Calvert, is the first piece of literature your child will read on his or her own. It is supplemented by story anthologies.

Composition classes help your child further develop organizational writing. Your child will also use an effective workbook and online lessons to reinforce spelling skills.

Third-Grade students also begin to learn about ancient mythology and art history, two subjects that prepare students for greater literature appreciation.

In math, your child will continue to build knowledge of multiplication and division, as well as learn new areas such as fractions, decimals, graphing, geometry, and word problems. Your child will apply mathematical processes and reasoning.

Calvert’s technology program features spreadsheet graphing and presentation software. In science, students study life cycles and force and motion.

To address national standards, the Scholastic course focuses on regions of the United States. Students in both programs continue to develop their skills in geography. Students also begin to study history of the state.

Course Materials

  • Lesson Manual
  • Smiling Hill Farm
  • Tales from Far and Near, Tales of Long Ago
  • Rewards
  • Horizons
  • Reader’s Library
  • A Child’s Study of Famous Americans
  • Gods of Greece
  • Let’s Read a Poem
  • Everyday Spelling
  • Calvert Mastery Series: Spelling 3 (online)
  • Critical Thinking: Level C
  • Reading Work Pages
  • Reading Word Cards
  • Phonics: Level C
  • Maps, Globes, Graphs: Level D
  • Regions
  • South Carolina State History Manual
  • Inside USA: South Carolina
  • Math Lesson Manual
  • Math in Focus Textbook A & B
  • Math in Focus Workbook A & B
  • Science: A Closer Look
  • Activity Pages
  • Answer Keys for Daily Work (online)
  • Supplies, including art pictures, drawing paper, pencils, and watercolors

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