Teaching Support

The Academic Journey

Getting Started
Your Calvert experience begins with a placement evaluation that includes both objective tests and written composition. Our placement team and your child’s Supervising Teacher will use the results to help you determine an appropriate course of study, establish academic goals for the year and plot achievement milestones.

It’s All in a Day
The day-to-day academic experience uses a blend of online and offline activities to engage students. Online activities may include instructional videos, electronic game-based skill practice tools, technology instruction, live class instruction, and collaborative learning with other students and their teachers.  More traditional activities include novels, textbooks, and experiential learning activities such as science labs. Calvert’s Lesson Manuals make it easy by providing a detailed outline for every lesson including a list of materials, step-by-step instructions, and a summary of assignments.

“I have twins that attend SCCAL. They enjoy attending classes together. I love the idea that they can have their own space and personal time and can contact the teacher if they need to individiually. The teachers also acknowledge them while they are in their online classes and I appreciate that. It motivates them. This year was a wonderful year for them!”
– SCCAL Parent

The Academic Team
As the Learning Guide, you review daily objectives with your child, prepare materials for the days lessons, monitor task completion and pacing and provide direction and assistance as needed. You can undertake your role with complete confidence knowing you are fully supported by a team of professional teachers.

SC Calvert Teacher and Student at SC Calvert Event

In fact, the hallmark of a Calvert experience is the high level of personal service you receive. The Supervising Teacher will develop a personal relationship with each family; will plan and direct the learning program and provide instruction and teaching support; and will monitor progress and ensure appropriate pacing and mastery of subjects. The Supervising Teacher’s role extends beyond daily activities to include live instruction, parent/teacher conferences, planning field trips, counseling and other extracurricular activities.

Academic Resources
Calvert’s academic resources and support are as diverse as the students and schools we serve. Our rigorous, research based, standards aligned curriculum is continually evaluated and updated to meet national and state standards. Calvert’s curriculum specialists research offerings from major educational publishers to identify the most effective distance learning materials; as well as, develop our own materials as needed to meet our high standards.

In addition, each student has access to the Calvert Learning Portal, an online student portal. The portal contains interactive resources, tools and supplemental activities designed to enhance your offline instructional time including online versions of the core reference materials:  Encyclopedia Britannica and Britannica World Atlas.

Getting Results
Calvert provides a dynamic suite of assessment tools to regularly and systematically monitor performance and progress and make sure your child achieves academic success. These tools are designed to help guarantee that a student is meeting or exceeding performance expectations and mastering grade level content. The Supervising Teacher and Learning Guide will guide the student’s pacing and provide accelerated or remedial work if needed.

Exploring Beyond the “Classroom”
South Carolina’s rich culture, history, and environment provide a wonderful opportunity for field trips and group activities. You and your student will enjoy guided experiences to the richly rewarding field trips that engage and excite a passion for learning.
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