Letter to Parents

A Letter to Parents

Dear South Carolina Parents,

Thank you for considering South Carolina Calvert Academy! We are excited to offer an innovative public charter school option to the families of South Carolina that features the time-tested Calvert curriculum. Through the South Carolina Calvert Academy, students are educated in the home but still receive the support of a full academic team led by a South Carolina state-certified teacher.

South Carolina Calvert Academy provides a comprehensive educational program employing technology and 21st Century learning tools and techniques to deliver the best academic experience for your child. Instruction is accomplished through state-of-the-art online tools and distance learning techniques designed to keep your student on track and to ensure content mastery. Throughout the year, your child is tested through a variety of assessment tools to make sure that his or her academic goals are being met. The South Carolina Calvert Academy state-certified supervising teacher is the leader of the academic team responsible for the education of your child.

We are confident that your child can achieve his or her greatest academic potential by enrolling in our program combining a century of distance learning expertise and the latest in online instructional delivery.  We look forward to serving your family.


Pauline Sternick

South Carolina Calvert Academy, Board Chair