Calvert Learning Portal

Your Customized Calvert Homepage

The Calvert Learning Portal offers easy access to a wide range of resources and information to help with course studies. Each student’s portal is populated with resources specific to that child’s grade level and course selections.

Here you access the online component of the Computer Skills and Applications courses for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Students access those lessons, as well as additional materials provided on textbook publishers’ websites.

What makes Calvert’s learning portal so useful is that with one login and password, your child finds all of the resources for his courses. No more separate passwords for every publisher’s website.

Parents can access the Calvert bulletin boards through the portal. These discussion forums can provide parents with helpful suggestions for improving the virtual school experience. Our Education Counselors participate in many of the forums, and our families provide valuable insights into their successes in these forums. The Bulletin Boards are a great resource for new ideas and insights as you educate your child.

One convenient feature of the portal is the ability to change your password at any time. Please remember not to share that password with anyone else.

My Calvert at a glance

• Obtain technology support or help from Education Counselors through Live Chat.

• Access valuable tools for your child through the personalized online resource center.

• Supplement instruction with e-textbooks, which provide optional interactive activities, composition practice, videos, and objective assessments graded online for instant feedback. (Sixth through Eighth Grades)

• Connect with the Calvert community through announcements and Bulletin Boards.